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White line after interactions


Hallo, I don't know why, but after work of interactions from the right side there is a white vertical line. I couldn't understand why this line appears. Are anybody can help by advise? There is a project -
The line is seen in Safari browser in desktop and mobile, in Chrome everything is good.


It can happen, you have your elements set at 33.3333333%. I get the line but not necessarily after interaction. i see them at certain browser size.

Either you can try to fight that by giving float:left to your cells (I just saw you did) or by using Flexbox for the container of the cells, or you could simply give the blue color to the container so that's in thebackground and lines are then blue and not noticeable...


Vincent thanks a lot! I've tried Flexbox right now. It doesn't work to. But changing the color of the background - solve this problem. Why I haven't thought about it? Thanks.


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