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Why am I now unable to create new sites with free account?


Hi - I have a free account, and as far as I can see the terms still state that I'm allowed 20 public sites. I currently have just one private and 1 public site, but I'm not able to make any new ones. The option simply isn't there and I also see an error when attempting to duplicate the existing one. Have the terms changed without the info here changing, or is this just a bug?


Sounds like a bug. Can you share a screenshot of your dashboard?


Here you go. As far as I remember there used to be a 'new site' button in the top right. The only way I could think to start a project was through duplication, but this led to the error message shown in shot 2.


Hooray, it has returned!


Actually I should re-open this issue... although the 'New Website' button is back and does work, the duplication issue remains; duplicating a site triggers the message that I have reached my maximum number of sites.