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Why can I no longer do "onclick" attribute?


Hey all -
I have been using onclick in MANY of my websites.
Why can I no longer add onclick through the attributes? It tells me it is reserved? But this is new...

I do not understand why this was added, seems a downgrade.

Thanks for the help!

This is a reserved name


When i use the object LinkBlock with name onClick and create or change the attributes, appears:

I use values in multiples objects to map the events on Google Analytics (.ga)

Why i can't creat or change this. In the past i used this ... help me.


Hey @paulo & @vscribner - these event attributes were removed for security reasons, but there are multiple workarounds shown here:

We're testing out some changes in the next week, and if they are successful we may remove the reserved error for these attributes - but no final news on that front yet :\

onClick event handlers

@callmevlad Any news for this "onclick" attribute? Google cannot find any "quoted" text from a website localized with localize.js right now. In Hope that your solve this issues. thanks


Still no updates on this matter? Hopefully the Webflow team could re-enable it. A total bummer for me.


Any news on this? I'd want to test a script and need to use the onClick attribute.


Is there any chanses to get comments from webflow team?
How r u doing, guys? What about event tracking?


@callmevlad is this one still working?

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