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Why does empty section have gray border


I gave up trying to use the standard nav bar as it is too inflexible. Instead, I am using columns. I wanted the phone number to be centered but evidently this is impossible. So I placed an empty column between the logo and the phone number. The empty column has a fill of white and no border but it is showing up with a gray line as the border. How can I eliminate this.


dude @GhostTrain... i was helping you on your previous post. Curious, why did you post another post?


It was a new issue -- I thought I needed to create a separate post. Is this not correct?


Hi @GhostTrain, thanks for the post. I can see the question is different now, I am not clear exactly the issue you were having on the centering the phone number, I can see that centered in the column.

On the border in the empty column, I do not see any grey border on the published site or the design view, can you take a screenshot to show what is not looking correctly?


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