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Why Does "Focused" seem to override "Pressed" button state?


I have a "Pressed" state here on these simple text links that darkens the text and a "Focussed" state that shows a dark border around the link. However, on press the focus state displays. Is that because it is also being focussed when it is pressed?

Is there a way to have a visual "focused" highlight state for the purpose of tabbing through a page (a must for accessibility) but not have it display on Press?

Here's a quick test page to demonstrate what I'm experiencing:
Designer Share Link:




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I have been meaning to comment on this, sorry for the delay smile

The pressed state in the Webflow UI is the pseudo class selector :active in CSS. So you are right that when you click on a link it is both active and focused at the same time.

Unfortunately I don't know of anyway you can disable your focus state when a link is in an active state.


Thanks Alex. Anyone else have any experience with this? Or is this just "default behavior"?

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