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Why does My LinkedText Change Color/Shape/Position when I assign its in Page link?


Ok So, I have a Linked Text I set up its class attributes and everything is fine,

Then, I go assign the in page link and as soon as I assign the link

The Color and Size of the Text Changes, and then the way the text functions as I scroll changes,..

For no reason other than my adding an in page link?

It is like as soon as I assign the link it adds an extra class,..

I noticed a little litening bolt "Current" in the class box but I couldn't figure out how to modify the text back to the way it was before I assigned the link,..

Please help if you have had a similar situation,

Sorry I cant really give you a preview of the website.



The link to sections get a special class added (Cureent) when the linked section is shown. So while the link looks absurd to you, select it, see that it has the current class, and style it as desired. All the link will look like this when their target section appears on screen.


Ok, makes sense, I also realized that the reason its happening like that is because I am trying to link to the same section that the link is in,...

Unfortunately I cant think of a workaround for this,..

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