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Why does Webflow crash all the time?

Hi there

Not sure if this is just me but is seems every day Webflow crashes constantly, and this has been since i have been using it around a year and a half.

I have a Macbook pro and have tried many different internet connections but still remains consistent. Around twice a day I lose my work but this has happened so often I have managed to work out that around every 30 minutes i need to save and refresh, but sometimes im not that lucky.

Is this just a bug with Webflow or do i need a more powerful system than the full specked out Macbook pro, like a I Mac?

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Hi @Grant1, sorry you’re having so many problems! I use a MacBook (not even Pro) and almost never have crashing issues—maybe this is something Webflow customer support could help you debug? Thinking they may be able to take more of a deep dive into what’s going on with your system/account. Good luck!

Oh lovely thanks so much for the quick reply. I will contact them now. Many thanks

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No problem. Hope they are able to help!

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