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Why is my mobile menu only not working on my Contact Us Page


Hi budding experts/wizards,
I am in a bit of a pickle. The website I am designing that you can see the link share for below has a mobile menu that stops functioning specifically in the Contact Us page. I think it could be to do with the map that I added in, but I am really at a loss.

There are not really any pictures to add. As it is more functional than proving something strange has happened that shouldn't have, I am going to just have to let you have a look.

I hope I have been as helpful as possible, in giving the gist of what is going on.

Many thanks in advance,


Here is my public share link:


Hi I don't see the map and the menu is working on mobile, I suspect you did some modifications since you've posted
probably a z-index issue

if you put the map back i'll have a look.


I have just put the map back. What mobile browser do you use? The menu button appears, but when tapped it doesn't open up. I use Chrome and it just doesn't work. Just really confused by it. Thanks so much for your reply.


Hi @vincent,

I have taken a good look at the z-index values but it seems to still not work. It works fine on the other pages, it is just the contact us page where the mobile menu won't open up. The burger icon is there, but it just won't open up.

Many thanks,



I see that it doesn't work on safari iOS.

Your header should be at the root of the site, not in the mainwrapper.. Can you try reworking your structure to do just that?


Hi @vincent,

Thanks for the reply. I have reworked the structure and I am still having the same problem. I also looked into the z-index. Have I numbered the menu incorrectly for the contact us page?

Many thanks,



Is anyone else able to help with this?


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