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Why Webflow is still not adding "playsinline" option to video background?


Video background is still not available on iPhone by using Webflow’s element.

It’s been available long ago by using “playsinline” attribute.

I believe this option can be quickly available by simply allowing us to tick as option.
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] add playsinline attribute
[ :heavy_check_mark: ] add muted attribute

Thanks !


Hi @anthonychan2509

You can go vote on this idea!


This was by design, originally. Site visitors on mobile are generally on limited-bandwidth devices, so not loading these videos by default saves them some time and data fees. :money_with_wings:

This design could be revisited, however.


um… I think this decision should be considered by the website owner or designer.

I hope this option can be available soon.


New! We reconsidered. Sites with background video component should now publish the video tag with the playsinline attribute. :+1:

HTML5 Video autoplay now working on mobile?

@forresto wow, it’s so excited to see a wished feature come into live! Thanks!


Well, look like unfortunately background video still doesn’t play on android devices :frowning:

upd: sorry, didn’t see the OP was specifically referring iphone


What is your site / device? I’ve tried on a few Android devices and it works.


really? Here’s just background video inserted on almost blank page, no styling. Oreo, latest chrome, doesn’t play :frowning:


Nevermind, mate, your words about video working everywhere for you just made it click in my head! Of course in the countless articles and topics that I browsed when trying to figure out the problem I read the answer already, duh! The chrome data saver was the culprit - it disables the background videos and that’s that :smiley:

Posting here in case someone would like to know!


It is good to know that works! Roaming fees were part of the concern with the original design. Now the device / browser / site visitor has the control. :money_with_wings: