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Widespread outage on Amazon's AWS services causing connectivity errors (Updates inside)


Anyone else getting this?

FIRST :slight_smile:

ADMIN UPDATE: Updated headline from "504!? All my webflow hosted sites are down" to "Widespread outage on Amazon’s AWS services causing connectivity errors (Updates inside)"

Everything Webflow is down
Are Webflow servers down?
"Migrating site" message and all images broken?
"Migrating Site" message when opening the designer
Designer will not save any changes
Unable to save changes... retrying
Webflow pls be up

yeah...something is going on. my sites aren't down but the webflow dashboard isn't loading correctly. The site I was working on isn't being published either.

edit..spoke too soon...client site has pages is his book launch :frowning:


Same here. Came over to report it, myself.


Same here. My client's site is showing just images and text with no style:

#5 is the only thing working.


Servers are overloaded. Maybe hackers attack or uploading new content.


I'm getting this too :frowning:


Me too. this is not good


Me too, same problem!!


Can't save work. Getting a repeated popup of "Unable to save changes. Retrying..."


Heres a site look at when this happens


yeah...i literally just launched a site this morning and people are putting it up on social to start directing traffic. :cold_sweat:


facebook ad campaign started this morning :frowning:


There's currently a large scale outage on AWS S3:

AWS hasn't reported anything yet, but we're working with them to see how to restore service (seems related to S3).

If you are currently working on your site, refrain from publishing until the outage is cleared. The Fastly caches are still up and your site will continue serving content unless your publish your site which invalidates the cache. However the caches are only valid for 12 hours before it refetches content.

Please follow the Status Page for realtime updates.


Same here! What is going on!?


Here in Italy too :frowning:


thanks for letting us know. appreciate the quick response.


Thanks for informations.


That AWS status page is lying.


Right!? I was just going to say, that seems like alternative facts to me.

Thank you for the heads up @brryant.

Think I'll take a coffee break with the rest of the world now. :slight_smile: