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Width of the page too big


Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate some help with a slight issue I'm having.

I'd like for people to be able to scroll up and down through the page, but when I click on the overflow thing, it makes the
page wider than it needs to be so there's a white empty space to the right of the screen which I don't need.

How can I make it so that everything fits into the page nicely AND lets you scroll up and down but not left and right
my website is and currently you can't scroll but its looks like how I want it to look.

The moment I allow scrolling, it adds that horrible empty space?! Please help!

Thank you in advance for any help, Ben

Here is my public share link:


Hi, Ben!
On your site section Body has "overflow-y: hidden", it should be "auto" or "visible" or "scroll" -
So, vertical scrolling is hidden)

I see 3 ways:
1) You can manually edit this parametr in css-file after export site.
2) Or paste this code in Webflow to "Custom Code" section before </body> tag.

 body {
   overflow-y: auto !important;

3) Or you can set to Body class "overflow: auto" and find all the elements that go beyond the content to remove the white space.


Hi Eka,

Thanks very much for the response that seemed to work great! I found that one of the boxes was way too wide!


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