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Will eCommerce have inventory management functionality or be able to connect to other systems?


A lot of companies already use inventory management system to keep track of their stock. Will Webflow eCommerce at one point be able to connect to other systems to show simple things like if specific products is in stock or not? If not, will Webflow eCommerce have functionality to handle simple inventory management?




Sure, but “manage inventory” can span from very basic to advanced features. Many inventory management systems (IMS) handle shipping, stock listings and other stuff that is not directly related to the web shop. Have had several talks with customers already about eCommerce, the one thing that seems to be a concern is if Webflow can’t handle all the things more specialized IMS systems can do and that the customer then has to update two isolated systems. Would be nice to know a bit more about this if possible!


@Christoffer my guess is that this will take some time. You can always use Zapier and REST API to update other systems. Is there any special system you think about?


@JanneWassberg Not at this point, both companies is start ups that is looking for web+IMS solutions now. I guess a beta version of Webflow eCommerce will be a bit to “risky” for these projects at this point.


I will rebuild one of my Shopify stores in Webflow BETA and use it live… Need to do some testing.
Will keep you informed.


Hi @Christoffer!

Webflow Ecommerce has simple inventory management built in – you can specify whether or not each individual product should have inventory tracked, and set/manage the available quantities for them. And as orders are placed in the live site, these inventory amounts will be automatically adjusted.

You can also customize the design / behavior for interactions on the live stores when end customers view the product pages for items that are currently out of stock, the error messages for if they try to add or purchase more than are currently available, etc.

As for integrating with other systems, in the immediate term we are making that possible through the API and Zapier. We haven’t fully released the API endpoints and Zapier triggers/actions to support a full inventory management integration, but plan on having that available in the near future.

I hope that helps!