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(WIP) Work in progress -


Still working on it. But I have made many refinements. Too many to count. Can someone help beta test this for me?

thanks in advance.


I just went through and did not find any issues... I like the the little navigation helper:



"...great artists steal...' wink


Great "Cosmos Space Oddysey" theme website smiley. Like it.

I found 1 thing. Don't know if it is only on me. Can't close video window.

However. Great "Cosmos Space Oddysey" theme website smiley. Like it smile


hmmm..... thanks. i'll fix this


I broke it. Don't know how but I did, got a blank starfield, none of the menus got past this, the hovers worked but the screen did not update.
When I first got to the site I navigated using the cursor keys, left and right, all OK then I tried up and clicked shortly afterward on the grid at the top of the screen and got the blank starfield.
Mac / Chrome / 10.9.3


thanks! i'll try to recreate this bug. =)


I would also test it on mobile. Currently scrolling is hijacked so it's not possible to scroll without jumping to different content. Just a heads up!


yup. i'm not in love with the mobile versions.

gonna take a totally different approach with it. Like hide all tablet/desktop divs and have ac completely different design for mobile.


fixed. =) thank you again for finding that bug.