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Wooden houses | Under construction


Wooden houses.
Site under construction created from a WebFlow/template, purchased images, and images of their products.

What do you think ? :blush:

Thank you.

Vivere Nel Legno


Nice one :slightly_smiling:

The only thing that makes me uncomfortable: slider speed at the home page. To me it is too fast :confused:


Fixed now :slightly_smiling:
Thank you


I love the layout and the brown (rare to see on websites) colors used. Great work! :smiley:


Thank you.** It's an honor** to receive a compliment from a great web designer. Thanks again. :blush:


Thanks for the compliment as well! :smiley:


Nice one. I like the typography / style of it. Suits the business. Good job.


Thank you very much :blush: !


Hi Soulfree64.

Happy to see this. You did a great job transforming the original template to your it's own site. I did the original template so I'm always happy to see what people are using it for! Nice!


Thank you. It is an honor to receive a compliment from the creator of this great template. I really appreciate your work and attention to detail. Thank you sincerely.:blush: