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Wooooo the cms is here wooo


Guys how TOTALLY AWESOME is the new CMS??? It's gonna totally change my workflow, company and life! Webflow is AWESOME smile

Changes I've spotted:
1. New awesome homepage and site - - looks... BREATHTAKING
1. b) Epic new webflow video... smile
2. New help pages with loads of info on the cms and just general awesomeness smile -
3. The CMS!!!!!!!!!!!! it's brilliant, really worth checking it out here: and looking at the help pages on it -
4. Loads of other little things which just totally upgraded the quality and awesomeness of the tool...

Also Webflow is on Product Hunt right now - check it out!

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the new cms and everything else! smile

Huge congrats to @callmevlad @thesergie @brryant and the rest of the webflow team on an awesome job. smile



It would be nice if I could try it out, but I wouldn't know since I am being blocked unless I upgrade for an additional $20 per month per site it seems. I was shocked by all of this and waiting for support to get back with me. I'm not very happy right now.


You can! All sites without a custom domain can use the CMS features smile


You mean that I can't have a custom domain name to use it?


Slightly tainted by the cost - and the doubled price of basic hosting at the same time. Currently figuring out how to explain to a client I've already sold in to hosting here why the price is now doubled, will probably have to absorb that cost.


One way to explain it is to show them the power of the Editor tool. Show them how easy it is to update their website right on their website. Clients no longer have to go to a backend admin tool, edit, publish, then go back to the site and see the edit made.

The new editor tool saves a lot of time and a lot of clicks for simple edits. smiley


Thanks but unfortunately I'm talking about just the static site (basic hosting) price in this case which has inexplicably been hiked. I know this is meant to be about the CMS which I'm sure is fantastic so I'll leave it out, I'm just frustrated. My clients (and I) are small and can't easily take unexpected changes like this.


Static sites using custom domains are grandfathered at $4.99/mo if you added the custom domain prior today.


I feel your pain, but I feel like this is a natural step for Webflow's growth.


Fair enough. I'll probably get over it... just need to grow myself also I guess!


Same here. My plan is to host our really simple, typically one page, sites using Amazon AWS. It's just so cheap. If anyone is interested I might write a blog post about how to do it. For our bigger clients I'll just build the cost of CMS hosting into the cost.

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