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Work with the new iPad Pro


Hello, there,

I have a problem. I bought a new iPad Pro. I can log in to my Webflow Acount and see all my projects, but if I call one it will not be loaded. This happens with Google Chrome. With Safari I can call it but it comes up the message it cannot be saved… What can I do



Hi @Ny2002

Webflow does not support tablet devices and is designed to be used on a desktop with either Safari or Chrome.

You can use other browsers but support is not offered for those as yet.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


This might not be a great option for you, but you can explore a Remote Desktop application on the iPad. I often leave my MacBook Pro connected to Ethernet (wake on lan and screen sharing) and use Jump Desktop to get at applications my iPad Pro can’t handle.

I do this when I don’t need speed and efficiency, or when I’m too lazy/stubborn to grab the laptop 15 feet away.

I really love the portability and power of the 2018 iPad Pro. Just waiting for more “design” apps to appear. Like many others, I’m exploring mockups/wireframing versus super fast design in WebFlow.