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Www to http domain redirect


How i can redirect users from to http:// or https://

Usually i make it with .htaccess file simple but i can’t upload files to WF root folder … so i guess they probably have another way to handle this redirects.

Does anybody knows how i can solve it?


Add the www subdomain to your project, set the bare/root domain as primary.



Hi Sam,
I am having the same issue, but I have done everything, DNS is set up correctly I believe. The problem I am running into is that when I set my root as the primary it redirects me to and then back to and so on in an endless loop. Not too sure why it redirects to www. I have tested in TOR browser and get the same result so I dont think its a cache issue.

I am using SSL trough webflow and Go daddy as my domain registrar which is pointed at webflow nameservers.
for reference my site is

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