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XML to CMS Webflow items


is it possible to convert this XML Page into CMS Webflow Items.
It should update instantly when something is deleted or added to the XML.

Or do I need some custom code for that? If so… is their someone how can do this ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Hi @Jonas_Schauffelen, welcome to the forums.

While it is may be possible to convert XML to CSV data and import it to WF, the only way to do it automatically would be to either have the process that writes the XML output hook the Webflow API or you would need to build an àpp off Webflow that polls the XML file for changes, the feeds updates via the API. Either way you need some custom code and a budget for development. I have done similar integrations in the past.

Hi @webdev,

thanks for your reply. How much work would that be? And do you have time to help us out. Is there a way to connect us outside of his forum?


You could dm me here with your contact info. I could then reach out.