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Yoga Website made in Webflow


Yoga studio from New Zealand



Hi, @Rui_Almeida,

I like very much. I love the menu bar down and like the colors and typography both consistent in the whole web. Very good design!



Saw this awhile back and I love what you were able to do in the "timetable & prices" page! It's a really get example of what people are able to build with Webflow. Keep up the great work!


I was inspired! Still working on the it but it seems ok.


@rafagama54 and @brryant

Tks for the nice words
It´s a simple and small website, but i think the result was OK.
The most important thing is, the client is happy smiley



I like... header options at bottom and nice table.


@Rui_Almeida, Great the layout...