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Your favourite sources for CC images?


Besides flicker, what are some of your lesser known sources for sourcing imagery?

There was a couple of armature photography tumblr blogs that I came across a while ago that were great, I didn't keep the links though (doh!)


This has been a helpful source for me:




Here is another great one.



Completely-Free Beautiful, Hi-res Images:

Free or Attribution-required Photos for commercial use (use search and check the CC):


not all images are free, but they are very cheap (i.e. $1.00 and up) and the images are nice and unique:

Canva is a new startup in australia, they have good selection and unique images, great for modern designs, go check it out... smile

Also nice thing with canva, you can combine several images online to make a totally unique graphic, and then download the whole thing as png.

It is a good service smile


@cyberdave Wow... thank you very much that you have shared Canva with us smile I was searching around for an good illustration for my current Webflow project and was frustrated wink With Canva I was able to get the job done very fast and that for just $ 1 smiley


cheers mate ! yes it is a very good tool... i use it a lot...