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Zapier + forms + RSS + email?


I just signed up for the free Zapier account, and I created a Zap on my personal Webflow site to post an RSS feed for a new blog post to my Twitter account. So I have a very simple Zap and it's working fine.

My question is...
Is it currently possible to collect names & emails into a form on Webflow, and then have Zapier take those names and send an email (using Gmail) when we publish a new blog post? The email recipient would see blog RSS feed information in the body of the email.

I can't seem to find a way to get the form names into the "to" section of the email template. But I'm admittedly a newbie to Zapier.

So is this my ignorance or something that Webflow or Zapier can't do right now?
Thanks for your help!


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