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Zapier & Integromat api help required concering airtable > webflow create item

Morning All,

I am trying to setup Zapier to take information from my embedded Airtable form and create a new product in webflow.

Below I have attached 2 screenshots of the messages I am getting:

Name - empty field

I also have a Integromat account so if anyone knows how to set it up on here would love the suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,

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Just at quick glance, from your screenshots, looks like anything you’ve filled out in the form is not getting submitted to Zapier - since the required “Name” field is showing as empty.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

I usually add something in there e.g such a ID etc but still showing up as empty. Any suggestions?


Yes, make sure your form is actually submitting info into Zapier.

Sorry Chris can you explain a bit further as i can see all my fields are pointing to relevant info.

Still getting the same error:

The app returned “User is not authorized to perform this action: Cannot complete operation for the ecommerce collection [Products] with this endpoint.”.


I’ve encountered that error many times. It’s cryptic, but I finally know what it means.

You need to use the Webflow ecommerce API to create ecommerce items, not the CMS API.

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