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Zapier + Webflow doesn't work because of "slug" field

Hi, I have a problem to integrate my Webflow with Zapier to send form data into CMS.
There is a problem with “slug” field, because this option is a required field.

I use Webflow tutorial to do it correctly: (10-18 min) and everything seems well-done.
I’ve just realized that slug field is required now and I can’t delete it.

I’ve attached a screenshot from Zapier. @PixelGeek or @brryant do you have any idea how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!

Why not just provide a dummy slug field? Create a randomized value to it or whatever… It doesn’t need to be meaningful to you , but slugs are a core part of collection pages, even if you don’t plan on having them.

A nice alternative I’ve found is Basin
I’m using on exported and hosted sites. This is the post I followed for integration and it was pretty easy and used Webflow form tools.

Of course it’s one more thing to sign up for :frowning: First from is free though and good for testing before purchasing.

The problem was with a “Select Field” + “Collection Field” from CMS. Is there any solution to integrate them both?