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Zapier webhook not working

Hi there i have pretty much copied this video to the letter but however i am getting this error “The app returned “ValidationError: Validation Failure”. This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format.”

i have followed the video to the letter and for no apparent reason i can see his is working and mine isnt.

has any one any idea why this is happening

@MackenzieChild might be able to help out!

Hey @Hobbitrock83,

So a few questions for you:

  1. Did you happen to rename the ‘Case Studies’ multi-reference field? I realized when I renamed that field for a demo I was working on the name updated, but the field name in the background didn’t get updated. You can use the (free) Postman app to connect to the API & confirm that the name of that field is correct. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

  2. Have you tried publishing your site again? That sometimes fixes things for me :upside_down_face:.

  3. Are you 100% sure the ‘Headers’ are correct, with your API tolken? (ie Authorization: Bearer [Tolken], accept-version: 1.0.0, etc).

  4. I’m sure you have already, but have you triple checked for any typos?

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Hi mate cheers for getting back to me

Ive been on postman and am I right but post man only sends fields that has information in them because half of my fields are missing??

Yeah done the last 3 many many times without success

Cheers again mate

That checking postman did work on one of my web hooks though so thanks for that.

Yup I think I’ve done it mate. It was the renaming thing all along and another daft thing I did but we’ll forget about that.

Cheers for the help mate

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Whoo! Glad you figured it out :raised_hands:

Also, I spent hours banging my head against the wall trying to figure that out myself when I first tried to build this. So I know the struggle :wink:

Cheers mate and again great videos. Love them keep up the awesome work. Big fan

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Tried but still getting the same error!
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 2.26.38 PM|690x416 !
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 2.27.35 PM|629x500

Ran into the same problem, for hours :face_with_head_bandage: It was also the CMS field renaming issue, it wasn’t being updated in the backend causing the ValidationError. Postman wasn’t pulling up the multi-ref field (I suspect because it was empty, dunno) solved it by deleting the Members CMS and recreating it and now the webhook fires! Thought I should share because this error cracked my head up and couldn’t find anything that could point out the possible issue clearly as Mackenzie did here. Hope my contribution will help someone else going through this webhook Validation Error.

I just made the same thing following the tutorial. I also got the 400 error but mine saids error: validation Id. I used postman to find my items, and the field of the multi reference is named completed-Videos-2. For some reason the 2 was added, so I had to add it in my custom request. First it didn’t work, then I made a new member and had that member mark a video as complete, then it worked.


no idea if you’re still trying to figure this out, but one thing i noticed is that you’re missing the ?live=true querystring parameter at the end of your URL. maybe that helps.

Running into the same issue, but double checked all the names and they are correct. Anyone spot an issue here?

Read only link:

What was the draft thing that was causing issues?