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Zapier Youtube to Webflow CMS url don't work


Hello everybody!
I’m trying to automate the process of publishing a video on Youtube and automatically added to my Webflow’s CMS collection. That works fine. But when I check the live site, the video is not visible. I check the item URL and when I cut and paste it manually works fine. But the problem is that the idea of automation is not happening. Going to every collection list and make that change is nonsense.

These case was started a year ago and I don’t see any solution: Video doesn't work with link from collection but works with same link inserted manually

Here is my public share link:

Hope there is a solution by now. Thanks guys.


Did you create a Live CMS Item instead of just a CMS Item?

Share screenshots of your Zapier setup?


Hey @Guaby
This is a known issue when links are automated into a video field. In order for the video link to process, click in at the end of the url, add a space, delete the space, and then press tab.

If that sounds tedious :wink:then I suggest using my preferred method of relying on the Youtube ID. I’ll still import the video field url as a reference too.

Then in the Designer use an embed instead of the video element. Here I am pulling in the Youtube ID dynamically for each video. This also gives you more control over the embed if you want to use some of the customization options provided by YT.

I’d suggest implementing the Youtube Lazy Load technique which is what you see in my example.

Hope this helps. Cheers.


Yes that was never fixed and I don’t think it is a YouTube issue.
I ended up using html embed , pasted youtube iframe into it and pulling video id dynamically from the collection, this works fine for me.