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About time! Portfolio Redesign / Refresh


Hi guys,

Been working intensely on this the last 4 days..

I still need to fill up the projects, but other than that, I think all the styling / layout is there.

The links in the footer aren't working. There are probably a few minor inconsistencies elsewhere.

Please feel free to poke holes in it.. Constructive criticism appreciated as always.


Hi Joe thanks for sharing!

It's very clean and I envy your sense of colors... purple, green and cyan all together isn't always a match but it's brilliant on your site.

Again, it's very clean, maybe to the point of being a bit impersonal... ITC Avant Garde is an extremely nice font, but maybe the headline font choice could bring more personality to your.. personal site. And/or a big poster picture of yourself.. something very unique and personal, warm, inviting, welcoming... It needs some "granularity", personality, fun, to represent you as a human, I feel :slight_smile: The big black zone on home could carry a hero image (even if still very black) and a unique title font for your name, a very human one, with Serifs and imperfections.

I hope this helps!


Hey Vincent,

Thank you. Still not entirely sure on the blue myself..

I can see what you mean by impersonal. I was aiming to balance this out somewhat with bright colours, a picture of me on the profile page and some other funky bits like the button transitions, to allow the work to speak for itself.

Maybe my brain has become 2 dimensional after spending so much time using a computer..

I have considered creating some 2-tone imagery to put in the headings / hero sections, or some subtle animated effect/s. Or alternatively having a landing / intro that spices things up a bit.

I'll have a fiddle with the fonts.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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