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Anchor links do not work in horizontal scrolling web-page


Dear forum members,

I tried to make horizontal scrolling webpage without code, however navbar links do not work.

The links work when I put the sections outside the wrapper. I guess the problem is with fixing the wrapper, but the horizontal scrolling would be impossible without doing that.

Any idea how to fix that problem?
Or any suggestions how to make horizontal scrolling in a different way?


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By “links” I guess you’re talking about anchors, links into the same page.

An anchor will make the page scroll vertically and only vertically. It means you forst need to build a vertical structure. Then overlay it with your main horizontal container, and make sure your “while scrolling” interaction make the vertical sections match their horizontal counterparts. this way, anchors will work.


Dear Vincent,

Thank you for the reply. I will try to figure it out :slight_smile: