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Branded Email Addresses


I'm not a very technical guy, but since I'm planning to use Webflow for client projects, I know that if a client website is, their email should be also Since Weblow offer hosting does it also has branded emails as an option?

I might not use the correct terminology here, but I assume you get my point.


As it is now you can only point your domain to Webflow from for example Godaddy. So Webflow does not really host the domain name only the site content. At Godaddy(ex) you can set up your email addresses.

Hope that helps smile


Oh, so the place where I bought the domain is the place that I should seek for email accounts. In my previous cases, the hosting company was taking care of that, and now since I host on Webflow, I thought logically it should fall as Webflow's responsibility. So if I understood correctly, I should ask the site where I bought the domain (GoDaddy in this case) for this?


Yes, that's correct.

(It would be killer if we could this in Webflow)


@zlate you're pointing the DNS records to webflow so they can host your site (sometimes CNAME too) but not the MX records for mail, that is handled by the domain provider not hosting...



A very clear answer. Thanks, @Arthur.


You're welcome @Zlate! Traditionally the mail hosting is done by your domain provider not your hosting service...

@jorn I'm not sure that webflow introducing mail services would be a positive in that they would basically become a domain provider at that point and the whole advantage of their hosting system currently is that you aren't messing around with dodgy MX records every other day and that it just works...

That said if they found a way of having a "one click mail setup" I wouldn't complain smile



I needed to fill out my answer with something =) Don't think they need to be a provider at this point. But providers I have used are not that good at ui and ux in my opinion. Webflow is, so if they did it would probably be great.


@jorn smile completely agreed, massive gap in market for easy to use domain provider and hosting...



Google is trying and it looks good but I'm more and more leaning towards not having all of my data at Google. I'm using Google Apps for family domain name, signed up before it started to cost money for google apps. Easy to use and all but seeking for another similar service. The email services at the providers still suck. Would love if I could host my domain at Apple and use iCloud or something.


That would be really, really cool but since when has apple been developer friendly? It's not "clean" for them to introduce it user side... have you looked into hosting on a dropbox public folder because that is free if you get it right...??



Yeah I tried but not with a domain name. What I wanted to do is point the mx records to Apple and use iCloud with my domain name emails.


Ahh I seeI thought you were talking about hosting with apple smile


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