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Can't select an other element to animate in designer (symbol / container)


Hello community

I’m trying to setup a show/hide animation for a form on the home page.

The trigger is a click/tap on a symbol (email-btn) and the animation is show/hide on a container (email-form-container). Every time I get to the animation timeline from the symbol and try to select the form container the interaction panel switches to the container’s interaction panel.

I’ve been stuck on this rookie problem for some time now and can’t find the resources to solve it
What have I missed ?

Thank you

Notes :

  • I am able to select a different element to animate when I try to create this animation with a parent of the form (container)
  • There is already an animation setup, I’ve tried to create a new trigger/animation all together but this doesn’t fix my issue

Here is my public share link:

Here is the published website :

Here is a short screen capture (select :


Okay which button is the trigger?
Is all this on the homepage?


Thank you @garymichael1313, The Email button (see attached picture) is the trigger. All of this is on the home page and I will duplicate it to other pages when i fix this issue !


I unlinked the button from the symbol to solve this problem