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Change from a Ecommerce to normal website?


Is this possible?

I started to design a page using one of the new ecommerce templates, now I’m happy with the design but I dont want ecommerce, just a normal site, is it possible to delete the ecommerce feature and change to a normal site?

There is two Ecommerce pages I cant delete (Products template & Categories template) in the site that I cant delete and I cant delete Ecommerce features in the editor either (in the editor, under the cms there is the new shopping cart icon, and if one click there it says “Ecommerce” and “Getting started”, “Products”, “Categories” and “Orders”, and those pages I cant delete either.

And because I cant delete those pages I can only get hosting for a Ecommerce site or normal website with CMS, but I dont need cms, I just want the Basic option.

Any advice?


Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m trying to figure out how to delete ecommerce as well…


Hi @cecjonsson - glad you found a design that works great for your site!

Unfortunately, its not currently possible to remove Ecommerce elements once Ecommerce has been enabled.

We can see how having those extra pages and Collections can get annoying if you’re not intending to build a store in that project, so we’ll look into making them removable.