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Checkout - Separating 'Full name' to First and Last

Hey community,

Recently ran into a roadblock with my Ecommerce set up. For reasons on my CRM side (Zoho) i require te First and Last name to be pulled through/Zapped as 2 independent fields, as opposed to one in the Full Name field. Whilst i understand the issues lies on Stripe’s side through their billing details requirements to contain ‘Full Name’, i’ve been exploring work arounds:

Is there a way in the Webflow ecommerce checkout to create a card/component for First and Last name as 2 indpendent fields, in addition to the ‘Full name’ field in the billing details section?

Currently im using the ‘Additional info’ form box and repurposing that as a way of doing this:

But when I pull that field data through in my Zap, Webflow automatically pulls it through as a continues string of content accounting for everything in the card, as opposed to the fields as individual inputs

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this?