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Classified Ads in Webflow


How to create a 'Classified Ads'-website ?

Can it in Webflow ?

Or should I use scripts ? Which scripts would be good (easy) ?


Hi @bobmatthyssens Yes you can create a classified ads type website.

Just use the dynamic collections feature. For more information on this, please refer to this course:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @PixelGeek,

Thanks for the info... But... That solution only works for webmasters who manage the content themselves... I'm looking for a way to allow the visitor of the website to add his/her content.

Hope this works too :slight_smile:


What you're looking for is a way to build a web app. At this time, you cannot create a web app within Webflow.


OK... But an e-commerce solution is also an app... And it's possible to integrate Shopify, FoxyCart, ... in Webflow... Is there a classified ads provider which offers analog possibilities ?