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Fullpage.js set up


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Hello @EvanJones,

This was a great post! Originally, I was able to create the fullpage site, but for some reason when I recreated it the second time around it stop working. Here's a link to the read-only site...would you have any suggestions for me to get it working again? I was originally able to make it work with both the original script you posted and the script @Reply posted.


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Hey Dom

Sure thing - be happy to help here.

Can you share the published page with me too, just so I can look at the custom code? Can't quite figure out what is going wrong from the read-only preview :smile:



Sure Evan, thank you! Here's the link:

It really has me stumped. lol



Hello @colinadallimore,

I actually could not get it to do what I wanted it to do, so I scraped it. If I decided to use the fullpage.js script again and find any new info out...I'll def let you know! Sorry about that.


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