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Geek and Science Gift Site - Made entirely in Webflow


Hi everybody, I thought I share this with the community. :grinning: The Best Geek and Science Gifts

This site was build entirely in Webflow (absolutely love everything Webflow does, it's a game changer).
Would love to hear your opinions and feedback.

Thanks and stay awesome!


Ahahah I remember your site from earlier :smiley: amazing stuff there :+1:


Thanks :grinning: The site has come a long way and I work on it daily. It now features almost 400 different products, added many blog posts, and created shopping categories. Also grew almost 40,000 total social media followers accross different networks. Lots of work, lots of fun.


I love this site. I literally spend at least 5-30 minutes every time I get on it just to look at the neat gifts and buy a few even :smile: thanks for letting us Geek out haha. Nice work on the categories section as well :smile:



@Waldo Oh wow, thanks so much for your nice words. That means a lot after all the work I put in the site. Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it or make your experience with it more fun. Happy to help! :grinning:

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