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How to make a gif that explains how things work


Ok, this might be a very strange title, but I want to make those easy pictures that explain what a user should do. Instead of a video, show in one picture what, where and how to click.

I know that some mods here use it, but my brain is on a frenzy so I can't find it with the proper search tags. Supposedly its an extension for chrome.

Can anyone help?


I still can't find a animation-gif-grabber-+-upload so I may develop one very soon.

For GIF capture, I think kind of everyone uses LICECAP.

It has an ugly icon but it works really well.


hi @Diu may not be what you're looking for but I use Screen to Gif

works well for my needs, give it a try...



Thanks guys, exactly what I needed! YES! Awesome!


Hmm I just made Licecap save into my screenshot folder, which is watched by Monosnap, so now Monosnap uploads it automatically and writes the link ready to be pasted... I'm going to do a lot more of these too smile


ehm, that's just plain awesome @vincent wink

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