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Need help with interaction on hover effect


Hi guys!

What a problem with my hover effect? You can see the bug with hiver on green icons (document and star)
I need to show once and hide once when hover out.

Public link:

Please help me! Thanks a lot!


Hi, this is the link to your site, not the public link to the designer of your site which allows us to look what you've done. Go to your site's dashboard and generate/activate the public link, thanks.

From what I see, you need to declare some Z-Indexes to make the flickering stop.


Hi Vincent! i will glad if u help me, here link:


Ok it's not the zindex.

Your structure is at fault.

Your interaction is set to the "Licence text" object. And the hidden layer is inside this element, it shouldn't, this is IMHO why you get the flickering. So start from scratch and make the hidden layer outside or the element that will get the interaction.

Foir a start remove the interaction from Licence text and put it on "hover icon". It works fater the second hover and doesn't flickr. Just to show you... but have more work to rethink (:


Vincent, thank u very much! You are genius! Very fast and useful help! Have a look now at my interactions smile Thank u!


Haha! Works like a charm now, good job Evgeny (: