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Particles.JS only covers part of a div

I’m trying to implement a particle js background into my site. I want it to cover the entire page yet it only covers an area equal to the size of my monitor. I was using the sample from this tutorial. I have everything set up correctly I think but it only seems to cover the very top of my page /(designer view).
I have tested this on a Blank site/ (Designer View) but it also only seems to get an area slightly larger than my screen. Any ideas?

You have to share published site for us to see custom code like Particles.js. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have updated the links

@Tom_Gionfriddo Just took a look at it. And i have a hard time seeing what the problem is. On my screen, it fills up almost the whole screen.

Can you better try to explain what it is you seek?

I want it to cover the entirety of the background for this site. If you scroll you can see that it doesn’t continue.

Oh, i see what you mean. Well, that is not possible (at least not without some serious coding skills).

The best you can do is making it position fixed:

#particles-js {
position: fixed;

Then you at least get it all the way down your page.

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This seems to be my only option so i’ll roll with it.

I think you can use this framework