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Plans - confused!


very confused about the different plans.
I purchases a “lite Account” @ 16 p/month. Built my website…all is great
I own my own URL and have free hosting with my old website but I can’t use it? I need to buy an additional plan? Or do I need to upgrade?
I will be creating additional sites in the future.

Webflow has been great to answer my questions - but I’m still confused because I can’t actually speak to anyone directly.



Hi Lee,

I know the hosting/account plans can seem a bit confusing at first.

On the Lite, Professional, and Team plans, you can export your website and host it anywhere you’d like. However, CMS Collections cannot be exported and forms (including site search) will stop working.

Here’s a link to an article on how to manage site plans

Hope this helps.


I am currently using Adobe Muse within a small web design agency based in Australia. I am looking at alternatives to Muse and have just gone through the crash course 101 of Web Flow and it looks like it could be the answer I have been looking for.

My question has to do with the CMS system as well, regardless of the plan I purchase with Web Flow, is there no way that forms and CMS are able to work without changing hosting over to Web Flow?

Unfortunately this is a major deal breaker if thats the case, as not only for the purposes of SEO would everything reset to zero days age, it would require me to transfer all of the sites over to Web Flow along with all of the headaches of doing this for 50 plus accounts.

Is there a plan that simply allows me to export to my own web host and have all functions work?



Hi @MarkR,
You can export the code generated by Webflow to host this on your own site, this export will generate static files of your design, therefore you will have to make adjustments to the web form to make it functional again. More info on the export can be found here:

BUT you can only use Webflow’s CMS when you host with Webflow, it’s an integrated product. I’m actually very happy with this approach, since I don’t have to worry about updates, servers, CDN, etc… But of course it’s up to your web design agency which services you want to provide to your clients, you can also opt for a solution that you use Webflow to create the designs and export all files and setup your own Wordpress site.

Migration is always a headache, I don’t believe there is a magic button yet to solve this. Would be fantastic though.


For new users this is big Disadvantage - i really dont know why the pricing is so complicated. Webflow should add more docs and examples about this topic.

The main - most basic Q missing is - “what the diff between Site plans & Account”


does each site I create need its own site plan? is my first (BIG) question. I currently have ONE site but plan to make another.

I currently have an account plan but I think I need a site plan - everything is working great but I can’t attach the URL I own correct?
I Honestly don’t understand the difference between Site and Account plans.



Hey @Lee_Hanrahan @MarkR

  • Account Plans are for you the individual :man_technologist::woman_technologist: or team using Webflow.
    – The paid plans unlock feature only for you the user
  • Hosting Plans are for each website hosted :globe_with_meridians: on Webflow’s servers.
    – Adding hosting allows websites or “projects” to be hosted on Webflow servers, add custom domains, and add site features depending on the plan .

Hope this helps.