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Uploading WebFlow created website to custom domain?


I'm working on a website on WebFlow and I already added the custom domain with the WebFlow hosting in my settings. What do I need to do to the domain DNS settings (godaddy) and can you upload the website directly from webflow without exporting code? I'm fairly new to web design so I'm a bit lost with how to upload a site since I started with a fairly simple software that had a built-in file manager that allowed me to publish directly from the software.




If WebFlow will be you host then all you need to do is change the DNS settings on your domain. There is a tutorial here:

When a user calls your domain:
1. The user is sent to the registrar (godaddy)
2. Registrar sends to host (webflow)
3. Host serves the content



@makloon Thanks! I followed the steps. Now, when i publish the site from webflow should it now be live on the custom domain as well?




Since I've never used a custom domain, I'm not exactly sure how publishing works. I would image it works the same as with sub domains.



Custom domain work exactly as Webflow sub domain. When you hit publish the site is published on both the subdomain and your custom domain.