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WebFlow Standalone Test


Attached is the small project of making the WebFLow editor into a standalone offline application that I attempted in my previous post. Please note that the standalone in no way replaces the online editor and only has a few features working at the moment, though I am working towards making it fully functional. The file will be pretty large (214mb) since I used the entire chromium framework as a wrapper for the application (will work on getting rid of unnecessary components later to make it smaller).


Anyway I will be working getting the entire editor working as well as the dashboard for making/choosing projects.

Also I have issues with tearing in the iframe corners . . . for those that do try it tell me if its just me or you get it to.
:grin: or u can just say hi in general :grin:


oh and a quick note . . . it will only be able to install on windows 8 and above (im sorry xp and 7 users). And it will not work on windows server versions.


awesome, I’ll try it.
I’m a student, still learning webflow (It’s helpful for quick dedign).
Could I help you in some way with this development?
I’ll appreciate your answer.